Изследване на мотивацията и дългосрочните цели при студенти от България и Сърбия

Мариана Борукова Владимир Котев

Страници: 273-278


Education is an activity requiring lengthy efforts and perseverance, as well as skills for acquiring information and its creative usage. All this is based on prolonged motivation, directly related to the improvement of the educational development and the consecutive professional realization. Long-term objectives serve as coordinating terms leading to particular goals in the everyday life and thus, behaviour could be rationalized and directed in a longer prospective towards both the past and the future. The aim of the present study is to survey the opinion and personal assessment of the long-term motivation of students from NSA “Vassil Levski”, Sofia and students from Nish, Serbia. The research was conducted from November 2016 to May 2017. It was done among 96 students (45 fourth-year students at NSA and 51 students from the University in Nish). The students had to fill out a test consisting of 10 questions related to their personal assessment of their long-term motivation. The results of the study were processed mathematically and statistically by: variation analysis, relative share, comparative analysis of two independent samples and comparative analysis of the frequency distributions with χ² – the Pearson criterion.According to the generalized conclusions, a higher percentage of the Bulgarian students is directed towards long-term objectives and prospects than the percentage of the Serbian students. Women are more motivated in their long-term development than men but there are not statistically significant differences along all the questions. Athletes’ motivation is higher than the average one for the whole population. We believe, however, that the motivation changes in the course of the studies and we assume it is higher for the students who are about to graduate.

Ключови думи:

motivation, education, students, long-term objectives


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