Установяване нивото на спортната подготвеност на 8 –10-годишни кикбоксьори

Мирослава Петкова Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България
Павлина Павлова Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 188-194


Kickboxing is one of the most attractive and dynamic modern sports. It combines the most effective techniques with legs and hands from karate and classic boxing. This symbiosis between the two sports makes it an exciting spectacle attracting numerous admirers. Kickboxing is not a demonstration game designed solely for audiences and entertainment. It is a sport discipline and, as such, is subject to the general methodological foundations and norms of sports training. The application of the general principles and laws in the kickbox training process is hampered by the lack of a scientifically based, in-depth research on this sport (Lefterov 2006: 27, Kaikov, Yonov 2001, Zlatev 2010: 122, Pavlova, Petkova 2017: 79). This is a sport with a complex motoring activity that manifests itself in constantly changing and extreme conditions of training and competition. Kickboxing practitioners are subjected to great physical and mental stresses.They have to master and apply a great arsenal of complex dynamic stereotypes in the ring, in the context of an acute conflict with an opponent who actively counters them. The time deficiency in which an exchange takes place shows that, in addition to physical qualities, the kickboxer must also possess a specific sport intelligence to realize in the conditions of the training and the race. The technical arsenal that every kickboxer has to master is diverse and coordinated. It can be divided into two parts: technique of attack and defense technique (Lefterov 2006: 27, Kaikov,,Yonov 2001, Zlatev 2010: 122, Pavlova, Petkova 2017: 79).

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