Научно съобщение: Да намериш изгубеното време

Агнешка Внук


Armed with the works of Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes and other exponents of postmodern philosophy, many Polish scholars have recently made claims that history of literature has reached its limits. It is worth considering this thesis in the context of the development of comparative literature, whose crisis was announced at the end of the twentieth century, which did not prevent the strengthening of the discipline, nowadays a major, and very expansive, field of literary studies. This example shows that, in the humanities, the discussion of the crisis of a given field does not imply, by any means, the definitive end of that field. Numerous new publications, exploring various historical contexts of literature, prove that the history of literature cannot be replaced by comparative literature, as some have postulated that it should. A reliable historical reflection will always be necessary in literary studies, because the passage of time blurs the differences between artistic and cultural phenomena, and it is precisely such differences that are fundamental for understanding all literary processes.

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