Погнусата – премълчаният персонаж в романа “Денят на нетърпението” на Владимир Зарев

Илияна Димитрова


Vladimir Zarev published his first novel Impatience Day in 1975. Some literary critics identify it as ‘a manufacturing novel’ because of the psychological authenticity of the characters and their realistic portrayal against the industrial background. Others however note that the specific ‘manufacturing language’ is unconventionally used. It is with a certain negativism that the difficult communication between man and the world at large is depicted. The current text is intended to prove the lack of functionality in the ‘manufacturing language’ due to its use as a means of the psychological creation of characters, situations and dialogue. In Vladimir Zarev’s novel man is getting increasingly more assertive in expressing himself through the language of existence whereby the main criteria turn out to be one’s choice, responsibility, freedom, the other, impatience, fear and loneliness.

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