Научно съобщение: (Авто)биографизъм и повествователност в Ранновъзрожденската публицистика

Невена Михова


The saturation of literature with actuality is the sign of transition towards a new time and it also appears to be the sign of publicism of the early revival letters. Its main genre holdings are annals and autobiographical notes and scriptures of Old-Bulgarian literature. Their communication characterizations become part of the permanent genre specific for Revival publicism. They create models and shapes of continuity through a set of stable elements which spread out and shrink, converge and transform in the flow of time. Narrative formulae and the phrases which help identify the narrator, the stream of auto discourse re-creation of reality – these are the elements of a tradition which all other stories have to repeat in order to legitimate their belonging to the ethno-cultural group and its decoding competence. These units of repetitiveness, as part of a venerable genre, enter as contaminated elements into the contents of Revival publicism, and the (auto)biographies and narratives become identifying projections of this continuity.

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