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Декоративни разкъсани керамични глазури, базирани на циркониев силикат с температура на изпичане 980°C – 1050°C

Васил Харизанов НХА, България

Страници: 40-48


Тhe research article concerns the creation of decorative ceramic glazes with a specific surface vision and firing temperature range between 980оС – 1050оС. The glazes which are subject of this study have a specific texture, characterized by the assembling of the glaze into segments of different shapes and sizes, resulting in stripping of the lower layer (ceramic body or engobe). The purpose of the study is: (1) To create fragmented glazes using micronized zirconium silicate, which can be applied in the temperature range 980°C - 1050°C, suitable for red baked ceramics and chalk faience; The glazes thus created should have a clear texture and the ability to be tinted in different colors. This is а topic of present interest, as there are no glazes for ceramics with a similar structure developed on the basis of zirconium silicate for red baked ceramics and chalk faience so far. The emphasis is put entirely on decorative glazes, which are a combination of technical parameters and artistic techniques, the totality of which influences their specific look.

Ключови думи:

decorative ceramic glazes, crackle glazes, lichen glazes, variety of raw materials, technological process, glaze production technology, Vassil Harizanov


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