Полагал ли е Симеон монашески обет?

Бистра Николова


The information by the Western author Liuprandi that Knyaz Symeon, the son of Knyaz Boris-Mihail, has taken a monastic vow, is considered trustworthy and authentic by historians. The aim of this article is to establish the credibility of this claim by analyzing contemporary and later sources. There is not a single Byzantine or Bulgarian document that can confirm Luiprandi’s information. Main focus here is given to the letters of Nicolaos Mysticos. In his moral portrayal of Symeon, the young knyaz is described as polytheistic, wise, militant, vain, proud, noble or cruel, bad or good Christian, but there is not even slightest suggestion about a monastic career of Symeon. This makes Luiprandi’s claim about Symeon’s monasticism historically doubtful.

Ключови думи:

Boris-Mihail Symeon, Liuprandi, Nicolaos Mysticos, monastic vow.


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