Болгарские города, земли, государи и иерархи в древнерусских текстах конца XIV – начала XVI вв.

Дмитрий Полывянный


The article gives examples of mentioning the Bulgarian political and confessional realities by Old Russian authors in the époque of the Ottoman conquest of Bulgaria and of the establishment the Ottoman power in the Bulgarian lands in the end of the 14th – the beginning of the 16th cc. These examples demonstrate, that by those times there existed common cultural milieu, united not only by the literary language, but by cultural, political and confessional models and practices, too. By the same time, the interest of the Russian audience to Bulgaria was stimulated more by the common threats and spirits, than by the conscieous image of the language and cultural proximityof Russians and Bulgarians.

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Bulgaria, Ottoman conquest and domination, Metropolitan Cyprian, Old Russian literature of the end of the 14th – the beginning of the 16th cc.


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