Антиосманските военни кампании на крал Владислав Варненчик от 1443–1444 г., отразени в “Анали или хроника на славното полско кралство” от Ян Длугош

Невян Митев


One of the main sources for the campaigns of Vladislav Varnenchik from 1443–1444 against the Turks is “Annals or Chronicle of the glorious Polish Kingdom” of Jan Dіugosz. Although this source is well known and used by the researchers on the topic, so far in the Bulgarian historiography lacks its translation. The aim of this study is to do a translation in Bulgarian language of the chapters, which are devoted to the issues. “Annals or Chronicle of the glorious Polish Kingdom” of Jan Dіugosz suffers from a number of inaccuracies, but however presents a comprehensive picture for the anti- Ottoman campaigns of 1443–1444. The presented comparison with the other sources shows that commented source coincides with them. There is no doubt that most of the information in the Chronicle is true and must be used by all researchers on the topic.

Ключови думи:

Crusades, Vladislav Varnenchik, Jan Dlugosz, source.


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