Златовезани наръкавници с дарителски надписи от Большерецки Острог (Камчатка) в Светогорския манастир Ивирон

Николаос Мердзимекис


The current assignment discusses the relationships of the monasteries of Mount Athos with Russia, based on two gold-embroidered vestments which are kept in sacristy of Athonite monastery of Iviron. The ecclesiastical vestment is kept in the sacristy of the Iviron’s monastery and it is a pair of cuffs (epimanikia), gifts from devoted Christians from Bolsheretskiy ostrog of Kamchatka peninsula. The pair of cuffs from Iviron constitutes a presumption of religious devotion from simple and devoted Christians, as reasonably is reflected in the dedicatory inscription. “…“. The heirlooms of the monastery of Iviron emphasize on the old-century spiritual and socio-economic relations of the Athonite monasteries with Russia, which as a matter of fact persist till these days.

Ключови думи:

Mount Athos, Iviron Monastery, ecclesiastical vestments, epimanikia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Cyrillic inscriptions.


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