Средновековен некропол на селището в местността „Под Ямача“ край с. Овчарци

Пламен Караилиев


A medieval necropolis located on small hill near the medieval settlement in the “Pod Yamacha” place near the village Ovchartsi was excavated during the years 2010 – 2012. The medieval settlement and the necropolis dated from the period of 12th to the first half of the 13th centuries. The number of 69 graves are excavated, half of them – children’s graves. No church is found in the confines of the necropolis. A group of 16 ritual pits close to the necropolis is excavated, probably forming a commemorative ritual complex.

Ключови думи:

medieval necropolis, ritual pits, archaeological excavations, graves, grave goods.


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