Скулптурата през Второто българско царство в контекста на изкуството на Византия и Западна европа – теоретичен аспект

Константин Тотев Диана Косева


The article highlighted some problems, omissions or gaps in the publication of the stone sculpture which point to assembling, systematization and including into scientific circulation of already known and newly discovered stone reliefs from both the Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo and other urban centers of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185–1393). The main objective is mainly to classify and catalogue the sculptural material, which will broaden the opportunities to study the development of stone sculpture in Bulgaria during the Middle Ages. This will lead to more secure determination of both the work of local workshops and also the presence of Byzantium metropolitan and provincial production or such related with prominent centers in West Europe. Thereby the theoretical aspect of the issue can be used while working with such material.

Ключови думи:

Late medieval Bulgaria, Byzantium, sculpture, architectural decoration.


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