Иконостасът на църквата “Св. Георги“ в Арбанaси (история, консервационно- реставрационни проблеми, възможности и перспективи за възстановка)

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The main object of study in this article is the iconostasis of the church “St. George” in the village of Arbanassi. Today it is fragmented in parts that are stored in the Regional museum – Veliko Tarnovo. In this connection, the paths of restoration of the iconostasis are traced to the old icons belonging to it. The information gathered, as well as the old photographs attached to the research and restoration, provide the opportunity for artistic analysis and dating. The study itself is becoming a prerequisite and an opportunity for modern reconstruction.

Ключови думи:

Iconostas, old icons, “St. George” church, Arbanassi, restoration.


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