Иконография на йеротопоса: сребърният проскинитарий от параклиса на Неопалимата Къпина в Синайския манастир „св. Екатерина“

Светозара Ръцева


The article introduces a unique work of pilgrimage art – the gold-plated silver repoussй cover on the marble plate under the holy throne of the Chapel of the Burning Bush in St Katherine’s Monastery in Sinai. It includes altogether forty compositions and individual images which represent the pilgrimage to Sinai. The author pays attention to the inscription in the proskinitarion which reads that it was donated by the priestmonk Cosmas of Varna, which dates back to the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century

Ключови думи:

monasteries, proskinitarion, Christian saints, church donors, the pilgrimage to Sinai. St Katherine’s Monastery in Sinai, the priestmonk Cosmas of Varna.


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