Тверские моряки в Русско-турецкой войне 1877–1878 годов

В. М. Воробьёв И. Г. Воробьёва


In the period of the Russian-Turkish war from 1877 – 1878 the Russian fleet had been left as a secondary of importance. The theatre of war was almost entirely on land and cooperation with naval forces was seldom. The Paris treaty after the Crimean war forbid Russia from the right to keep a military navy in the Black sea and derived it from the channels. Historians usually accent not on the change of Russian navy ships in the operations from 1877 – 1878 but rather on the following development of the naval policy. A few episodes of the battle operations however deserve some attention, especially the corps from Tver and captain 1st rang N. I. Kaznakov.

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Russia, navy, military, Russian-Turkish war, Tver, Black sea.


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