Иван Пеев Плачков – един възможен път към политиката

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Ivan Peev is one of the long-lasting participants in the Bulgarian public life. A journalist, publisher, teacher, literary man, linguist and prominent administrator of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, he enters the political life after two decades of public activity. In the end of 1899 and in the early 1900, he became twice Minister of Education, taking part in the attempts of the palace and general Racho Petrov to create a reformist force in order to replace the party forces which they believe were failing. With the brief ministerial experience and the episodic participation in the parliament behind his back, Ivan Peev reconsiders his political role and becomes a prominent member of the People’s Party which makes him one of those who would later dominate the main party until 1934 .

Ключови думи:

reforming the political system, executive activity, political circles.


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