Формиране на Бялото движение (възникване, идеи и състав)

Татяна Астарджиева


The article discusses new concepts for creating, ideological base and the composition of the white movement as distinct from opinion of Soviet historiography. Attention is paid to studies done by modern Russian historians on the topic. The analysis shows that white movement is the main alternative to the Soviet power in the Civil War and is not seeking restoration of the old regime. But even in its occurrence, begin disputes between the leaders. Although patriotic erected idea for the salvation of Russia, the prospect of a military dictatorship and slogans for law and order do not withstand the years of fratricidal war.

Ключови думи:

White movement, white ideology, officers, Civil Revolution, Bolsheviks. General L. G. Kornilov, General M. V. Alexeev and General A. M. Kaledin.


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