Опит за обяснение на социологизацията в българската география

Димитър Симеонов


Over the past twenty years the expanded scope of socially oriented studies in social geography, electoral geography, geography of culture, medical geography, etc. have increased the scientific quality of Bulgarian geography. In support of the accelerated sociologization Bulgarian monographs and habilitation works have appeared where modern socially oriented problems’ fields are developed, new scientific paradigms are defended and current sounding conclusions are reached. In the article the author makes an attempt to give explanation of the process of sociologization in the Bulgarian geography. In the modern geography an increase of its sociologization can be seen in the recent years, and according to the author the probable explanation of that process has dual meaning – objective and subjective. A review of the bibliography of the recent decades has been made.

Ключови думи:

sociologization in geography, social geography, public geography, subjective and objective bases, new scientific approaches.


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