Охрид в българската история и в историописта от ХIII–ХVIII век

Васил Гюзелев


During the medieval period (second half of the 10th – early 11th century) Ohrid was capital of the Bulgarian tzardom, and before that an important religious and enlightenment center in it and for a long period – “an archbishop see of the First Justinian and the whole of Bulgaria”. It also played a vital role during the Bulgarian National Revival during the 18th – 19th centuries, having kept many monuments related to Bulgarian history, the name of the city and its romantic image was always present in the Bulgarian memory. The purpose of the following research is not to follow the history of Ohrid in the aforementioned period, but to uncover its place in the Bulgarian past and its presence in historical writings from the period.

Ключови думи:

Ohrid, Bulgaria, history, historical writings, culture, national memory, monuments.


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