Кои са синегорите в класическа Атина?

Стела Монева


The present article is an attempt at systematizing the tendencies of use of the ancient Greek term “synegoros” in the circumstances of the social and political space of Classical Athens. On the basis of source material, the use of synegoros in court practice is studied. The initial encounters with this term were connected with the activities of persons who ensured mutual aid in Heliaea (friends, relatives, fellow countrymen, public speakers), i.e. the synegoroi were a kind of “counsels for the defence”. Another field of use of the term was jurisdiction – the practice the synegoroi to defend the existing old laws. In their capacity of “public prosecutors”, they carried out financial control by bringing in indictments against magistrates for abuse of power.

Ключови думи:

Ancient Greek, Classical Athens, Heliaea, term, synegoroi.


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